Ursula König . Mediation . Consulting


I am an independent consultant with two main focal points to my work:
  1. The first in mediation and conflict-related topics, for which I offer a broad range of methods to facilitate constructive, systemic transformation of long-lasting, entrenched conflicts, in groups both small and large.
  2. The second comprises the conception, initiation and continued support for development and transformation processes in teams and organisations, including the evolution of strategies and cohesive visions and subsequently, the concrete implementation of those strategies.

Both areas complement each other, and have contributed to the broad wealth of experience I bring to my assignments, empowering me to create and support complex processes
  • in the public domain,
  • in organisations and
  • in international contexts (with my partners at Ximpulse Ltd.)

Among the main challenges are the inclusion of multiple stake-holders, the constructive integration of intercultural aspects, motivating participants and fielding opposition to the processes. To deal with the above, I develop flexible yet structured approaches with my clients. The unique shaping of the process depends on the aspirations and wishes of all participants, as well as the goals they define for it.