Ursula König . Mediation . Consulting

Values and Principles

I use proven, structured working procedures (including an awareness of any limitations they might possess), underpinned by a thorough theoretical knowledge, and with carefully considered models to guide my actions at each step of a process.

Among my strengths are the ability to project myself into differing situations, and to work with empathy and respect on my clients’ issues.

I feel challenged by complexity …

... and relish the early uncertainty and formlessness from which grows such dynamic creative power. I have full confidence in my experience and in my role, and that from confusion clarity will come, leading to solutions for the future.

Working in partnership with my clients …

... I build up goal-orientated processes, using my external perspective and creative interventions. I support my clients up to the point where they can pursue their development processes without external input, highlighting their own resources and their potential to access them.

While challenging the clients with a fresh perspective, a fundamental tenet of my approach is respect for the clients’ knowledge and experience. Part of my role is to facilitate the clients’ own creativity.

In my role as mediator/facilitator I take the responsibility ...

... for designing and building a process, involving the client parties in the construction. One of the aims of this process is to separate ourselves from the problems and their descriptions in order to gain fresh motivation, insights and solutions - to leave patterns which have not been constructive thus far, changing to new patterns. We can then follow the natural flow of the process, with an open mind to new possibilities.

I monitor my own processes of change and learning constantly …

… This helps me to gain clarity about my own values and my limits; and it provides me with ideas on how to adapt, improve and evolve my methods and approaches.